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"For Those in Transit"
by Rubel Tesfahun

While waiting for the next bus
to Calcutta, Nairobi and Jakarta
Life happens for us.

Weary nomads that would seek
to share hearts over
Chapatis, Ugali and Dim-Sum.

It is a sort of dance
arms flailing, explaining..
laughter in the midst of
Kiswahili and Cantonese.

We have learned to travel light.
take only what you need for the road.
Toothpaste, toothbrush, torches...
2 am singing songs around the campfire.

And when that hour is come.
just one more look.
just one more sigh..
and we are gone,
back onto the road
where we are from.
This is our life in transit.

Rubel says: "I wrote it some time back, at a time when I was trying to reconcile who I was with where I was with how I felt. I was born in Ethiopia but my parents moved to Kenya when I was a year old. I grew up there and then to further my studies came to the US, where I have been for the last 6 years.?"

Rubel invites you to contact him by email As he says, it would be great to hear from any other wanderers out there.


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