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How Do You Fill This Out?
By S. Michael Nagasaka

ShowCase features poems, stories, or other pieces of prose—typically something either submitted to the site or discovered by Barbara Schaetti through her coaching and consultation services. We invite—indeed, we encourage!—you to submit your own poetry, prose, or short stories for posting on this ShowCase page.

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Submitting your poem, story, or other prose to ShowCase

We welcome your comments, and we invite you to share your own experiences of international mobility. If you have a story, poem or piece of prose you would like to submit, please contact Transition Dynamics. Remember that any items submitted may be used by Transition Dynamics as anecdotal illustrations in our consulting services, presentations, and programs.

Please include the following:

  • Your name and email address
  • Whether you are a global nomad, a salaried parent/spouse, a non-salaried parent/spouse, an international educator (teacher, counselor, administrator), a researcher or practitioner focusing on the expatriate experience
  • The general category of your sponsor affilitation (business, diplomatic, military, missionary, education, etc)
  • Your nationality(ies)
  • How many times you've moved, and to what countries
  • If you're a global nomad child or adolescent, please indicate your age

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