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"The Chest of Drawers"
by Julie Nielsen

"For Those in Transit"
by Rubel Tesfahun

"Don't Address Me"
by Nick Challis

"Not losing ….
Ganging One More !!!"

by Nick Challis

"Drop Me Anywhere..."
by Ken Chiancone

by Suzanne Carlson

"And Your Past In Three Seconds, Please"
by Suzanne Carlson

"Ankle Scar"
by Kara Moritz

by Farhan Haq

"Different Kid from Different Places"
by Christoph Ferstad

"East, West, Home's Best"
by Rachel Lax

"Great Advantages"
by Rachel Miller Schaetti

"Home Again, Home Again: One Global Nomad’s Journey of Return"
by Barbara F. Schaetti

"Home is a Memory"
by Farhan Haq

by Suzanne Carlson

Poems and prose by the students of Haidee Dehner’s
at the American International School in Dhaka

"Seeking Liminality"
by Abrar Agha

Senior Graduation Speech
2001 commencement ceremony for American Inernational School/Dhaka
by Abhishek Chakivarty and Mark Mozena

"Third Culture"
by James Gannon

"To Jo"
by Fiona Lowery

"We and They"
the classic poem by Rudyard Kipling


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