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by Suzanne Carlson

What does it mean to be simultaneously from many corners of the world and from none, to belong nowhere and everywhere? Suzanne Carlson describes her experience.

My ancestors
Who were they?
They, globe trotters, sightseers, of all peoples
compressed into me,
I am of the world
My home is no home is everywhere.
I am not of this country,
Do not claim me.
I am not of that country,
Do not claim me.
I am of the sea,
Constantly changing,
I am of the air,
Always moving,
I am self.
To whom do I belong?
To what do I answer?
I am a part of everything,
I have all cultures,
and none.
I belong
Not at all.

In a time of definite cultural lines,
I am the defined blur.

—Suzanne Carlson
US American global nomad
[written as a young adult]

We welcome your comments, and we invite you to share your own experiences of international mobility through poetry, stories, or other prose.

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