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Transition Dynamics is proud to present the work of its youngest contributor ever. At age 7, Nick Challis is already an experienced expatriate. A dual national with citizenship in both the UK and Canada, Nick and his brother and parents have lived in Norway, Scotland, the USA, and now Indonesia. The following poems were written by Nick during his first three months in Indonesia. (Be sure to note the pun in the title of the second poem!)


Don't Address Me
by Nick Challis

Don't address me Scottish, American or Canadian, because I am none of them.
I have no home country. I have no home.
I don't belong to any country.
I belong to the world!!!!


Not losing ….
Ganging One More !!!
by Nick Challis

A country you leave is like leaving a family.
You might never see them again, but they will always be in your heart.
You shouldn't address people ‘not-friend anymore' just because they move. Because they'll always keep you in their heart. You probably will do the same.
Your friends will probably say that you'll find a friend wherever you go.

By Nick Challis, Sept. 2002


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