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"Drop Me Anywhere..."
by Ken Chiancone

An adult global nomad/TCK of US American nationality who grew up in Japan, Italy, and England, Ken Chiancone has written a marvelous poem. "Drop Me Anywhere" beautifully represents the global nomad experience of belonging everywhere, of being limited by no singularity, of the integrated understanding that comes in part through age and in large measure through purposeful reflection.

Drop me anywhere on this planet
and I can find a friend
food, clothing and shelter
For deep within me
resides all the necessities for being human
A Body
A Mind
A Spirit

But don't try and label me
Don't try and call me
American, Russian, English, Kuwaiti, Japanese...
For I may be a piece of all of those luscious pies
Rich, dripping with the all the flavored nuances
of cultures scattered on the winds
But don't stick me with a flavor of all one kind

Global Nomad
Third Culture Kid
As my seasons ripen with age
I see the many ripples of my pond
and happy with the richness of my life
I can walk on the water and see the reflections
of all the mes, mys and myselfs...

So, drop me anywhere...
in this rich water of the world
and I will float happily amongst the islands
and be at home, singing songs on the wind
all different tunes...
all different languages...
all different...

Ken Chiancone

We welcome your comments, and we invite you to share your own experiences of international mobility through poetry, stories, or other prose.

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