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Personal Leadership: Making a World of DifferenceSM

Personal LeadershipSM is a state of mind and heart. It is based on many long-standing philosophic traditions as well as contemporary disciplines (intercultural communication, leadership development, whole-person self-development), and offers a new integration of familiar ideas. Personal Leadership already has an extensive history, particularly among those who live and work across cultures both domestically and internationally.

Consisting of two principles and six practices, Personal Leadership is not about leadership in the traditional Western sense of leading others yet certainly has relevance in that regard. It is more specifically about taking leadership of one's own experience, and as such it offers specific strategies for those seeking to deepen their own effectiveness as organizational leaders, as “interculturalists,” as plumbers and doctors and parents, as full and vibrant human beings.

Personal Leadership describes a way of being and of interacting with the world that begins from the "inside-out." It asks us to be fully present in our lives, awake to habitual behaviors, and willing to look at every situation with fresh eyes. Personal Leadership offers the possibility of a creative and inspiring relationship to work, family, friends, and colleagues--to everything we do.

Personal Leadership means sustaining a commitment to deepen our personal and professional capacities. It asks us to disentangle internal experience from external circumstance, recognizing that we are the creators of the former and not the victims of the latter. Practicing Personal Leadership encourages us to recognize that every situation--every new experience, every challenging encounter, every joy and every sorrow--can serve us in both exploring and fulfilling the purpose of our lives.

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