Designing Environments for Innovation
Washington D.C. and Crestone, CO.

What is the bigger picture?
What are the possibilities?



The value and experience of diversity as a creative resource,

The power of commonly held purpose and vision,

The familiarity of what we know as a starting point rather than a destination, 

A commitment to living and working in ways that energize rather than diminish,

A world which calls forth and sustains the highest and best of our individual possibilities and collective potential.

The Crestone Institute brings these principles forward as it designs and implements its work with a wide variety of clients in the corporate, government and not-for-profit arenas.


Opportunities with the Crestone Institute

We assume that highly effective leaders work from their own creative edge and, in turn, are committed to sustaining this as a focus for everyone in their organization. Our approach to leadership development is intended to bring this forth for individuals, groups and organizations.

Leadership Development Through Dialogue
Innovation in Leading Change
Leadership Spiral, including Personal LeadershipSM



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