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Sheila Ramsey, Ph.D., is known internationally for her work in the field of intercultural relations, international leadership development, team building and the facilitation of individual and group creativity and innovation. Sheila is a skilled facilitator and consultant with 25 years of experience. Her forum for this work has been in the corporate sector, education, and in the not-for-profit arena since 1975. Dr. Ramsey has a Ph.D. in communication as well as a background in theater and anthropology. Her training and consulting is focused on enabling clients to utilize their creativity and unique abilities to develop workplace effectiveness and global partnerships.

Dr. Ramsey has designed and implemented large-group participatory change events, international leadership-development seminars, intercultural technology-transfer projects, multicultural work-force development seminars, team-building and total quality management designs and orientation for overseas-living programs.

For seven years she was on the faculty of the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication in Portland, Oregon and is a Senior Fellow of SIETAR, (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) Japan -Tokyo Branch. Her publications are in the areas of nonverbal behavior, training methodologies, communication-style differences between Japanese and Americans, creativity and managing change.

She has worked as a professional photographer, studied as a potter’s apprentice in Mashiko, Japan and is professionally certified in the Enneagram of Personality. She currently lives in Washington D.C.

In her work, she has seen how those who make a commitment to bring forth the highest and best in themselves are also those who are most creative in their own lives and inspiring to others.

Sheila Ramsey, Ph.D.
4000 Cathedral Ave. NW #329B
Washington D.C. 20016 U.S.A.
Phone: +1 202 298 7661
Fax: +1 202 298 7662
E mail:

Barbara F. Schaetti, Ph.D., principal consultant with Transition Dynamics is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of expatriate and repatriate family services. She works extensively with corporate and diplomatic families worldwide, with relocation vendors and service providers, and with expatriate and repatriate communities around the world. Her services take many forms, including coaching, mentoring, training, speaking and presenting, and systems consulting.

Dr. Schaetti helps her clients maximize the personally and professionally transformative potential inherent in the experience of living and working across cultures. She recognizes that precisely because such a lifestyle is fraught with ambiguity, frequently confusing intercultural encounters, and often significant isolation from known support systems, it presents us with unparalleled opportunities to "wake up" to our authentic selves.

Dr. Schaetti grew up in ten countries on five continents, and moved internationally twelve times by the age of twenty-two. She has dual-nationality (American and Swiss), and speaks and reads French in addition to English. She holds a Ph.D. in Intercultural Communication with a focus on cultural identity development, an M.A. in Intercultural Conflict Resolution, and a B.A. in International Political Science. Earlier in her career, she worked in multilcultural community meditation and as a diversity trainer with U.S. corporations and government agencies.

Dr. Schaetti is a member of the faculty of the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication and of the ICI/UOP Master of Arts in Intercultural Relations, both in Portland, Oregon.

Barbara F. Schaetti, Ph.D.
Transition Dynamics
2448 NW 63rd St.
Seattle WA 98107 U.S.A.
Tel: +1 206 789 3290
Fax: +1 206 781 2439

Gordon Watanabe Ed.D., is a professor of education and special assistant to the president for diversity at Whitworth College and a member of the faculty of the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication.

Dr. Watanabe's work has focused in the field of intercultural education for the past nineteen years. While starting his career as a public school teacher, he was asked to become a trainer for the Washington Education Association in their Minority Involvement Program. This event began his facilitation and diversity work while also maintaining his commitment to improvement in education. Dr. Watanabe's educational background includes: undergraduate majors in biology and psychology; a masters in counseling; as well as a doctorate in education.

At Whitworth's School of Education, Dr. Watanabe is involved with an innovative master's program where he teaches multicultural education and advanced educational psychology. Additionally, he has major responsibility for the nationally known multicultural program which sends education students to teach abroad and within country, in cultures very different from their own. His former intercultural work was as the Director of International Student Affairs, Director of Minority Student Affairs, and the Asian Pacific American Counselor & Head Minority Counselor.

Dr. Watanabe’s work is founded on the basic principle that understanding one’s self is critical for successful cross-cultural negotiations. He is committed to innovation and creativity, and facilitates organizational thinking and paradigmatic shifts for cultural change at the institutional and individual levels.

Dr. Watanabe's diversity facilitation work includes educational institutions, corporate entities, and community programs.

Gordon Watanabe Ed.D.
Whitworth College
W. 300 Hawthorne Rd.
Spokane, WA 99251 U.S.A.
Tel: +1 509 777 4373
Fax: +1 509 777 3785


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